Pumping Fashion That Won’t Break Your Post-Maternity-Leave Budget

Now, let me start this off by saying that I am not a fashionista. Not by a looooong shot.
However, I work in an office with people who expect me not to wander around in jeans and flannel shirts (my home go-to outfit for pumping) and to actually pretend that I’m a professional. That means figuring out the dreaded post-baby wardrobe.

Now, first off, I pump at my desk so I’m not just removing my shirt n a private room- I have to keep my pump discreet while in an open cubicle! (Yes, privacy is available, but pumping at my desk is easier and my coworkers are awesome and don’t care) So, what to wear? I tried buying a ton of nursing shirts on Wish.com, and that worked well- nursing shirts are designed to be discreet, and ones like this let me only show what I want because I can pull them back down over the majority of the pump shields so that all that’s visible is the bottle.

Image result for pumping nursing shirt
This isn’t me, but shows what pumping in a nursing top looks like.

If you don’t want to spend a million dollars on nursing shirts, my current go-to for work is a low-cut tank top of stretchy material, layered with a cardigan and a scarf.

Outfit layers
Discretion is the better part of not getting weird looks at the office.

The great thing about cardigans is that with 3-4 of them and some cheap scarves, you have an endless series of “looks” for basically no effort. I get the tank tops cheap at Old Navy when they go on clearance, the scarves wherever I see a cheap one, and find cardigans all the time at Goodwill. This has become my go-to “uniform” for anytime I need to look nicer than leggings or jeans and a flannel shirt LOL!

A few other ideas I like for pumping at work and on-the-go:

Image result for pumping nursing shirt
Literally anything over this tank top. It’s not quite a bra unless you’re a very, very standard size, but it’s comfy enough for running a few errands or being at the house with someone coming over.
product photo
Tunic/Boyfriend button-down shirts are great for pumping without completely removing your shirt- especially when paired with a nursing/pumping tank top!
For a slightly higher budget, these tops are great. You can also mimic them with a cheap ‘infinity cardigan’ like this over an equally cheap tank top.
You can also go the very modest route of a large poncho/shawl designed as a nursing cover.

There are a million ways to pump comfortably, and I’m sure many of you fashion-forward folks have ideas that wouldn’t occur to me- so feel free to share them here!


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