Factory Outlet Sale frequently has $2/$5 factory outlet sales, so I strongly suggest you take advantage- they have an excellent range of cup and band sizes. They do not currently have any pumping bras, but if you use the ponytail-holder trick, you're golden.



So, I met the amazing Sarah at MommyCon in Atlanta, and she is sending me an Evenflo pump to try out! I'll be reviewing it as soon as it arrives- she speaks very highly of its "slouch-free PerfectPosition design," and as someone who spends 4-5hrs a day pumping, I'm excited to try it out!

Pumping + Nursing

A lot of mamas who combine nursing with pumping wonder how to tell if their baby is getting enough. Well, Baby Wonder nursed this morning for 15-20mins before I got out of bed, and 30 minutes later this was the difference in how much I pumped on each side.  It's worth noting that I don't... Continue Reading →

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